p2p file share


p2p stands for peer-to-peer, which means a connection between two peers without the interception of a central server. so what is peer-2-peer file share? It means files are transferred from one computer to another directly.

It might sounds intuitive at first, but in reality, most of our online activities are not p2p. Let's look at DropBox, what you do is to upload your documents to a dropbox central server, while on the other hands, download them from another computers. In this case, DropBox is a client-server model, but not a p2p one.

Why p2p matters?

p2p has many advantages over server-client mechanism. First, since file is transfered directly from one to another, which means the total round trip is minimized. Efficiency is at least a double faster.

Second, if you are uploading files to a central server, you are putting a good faith in the third party. For example, when you upload your files to Dropbox, it's highly likely that they will keep a backup copy of your documents even if you seemingly "deleted" them. You don't even know whether your documents are being used illegally. Indeed, rumours about privacy leakage for online service are everywhere. Even if the third party treat your documents ethically, you can't be sure that their server is being compromised due to technical leak. That's why p2p come into place. No central party is involved means you can have better privacy and security control over your own properties.

p2p file share examples

Actually, p2p file share is not a mysterious. I believe most of you have already used it even if you haven't noticed. Simple example like gTalk and skype, when you send files to your friend over this kind of instant messaging applications, the files are sent directly between you and your friends without a central server involved.

BitTorrent is another example of p2p file share, but a more complicated one. In Bit Torrent, usually multiples parties are involved instead of just a sender and a receiver. Basically every peer act as both sender and receiver most of the times.

EFShare is also a file sharing service which make use of p2p technology. More specifically, it's a browser to browser file sharing service in which you can share files with your friends in the most direct way without compromising privacy and security. If you want to learn more, do check out our service page.


No doubt that a server-client mode of file sharing is convenient, one should always realized that the downside of the many online storage services nowadays. As cloud service prevail, we should start thinking about the privacy and security issues accompanied with it.