You select file(s) from your local disk, then click a start sharing button. A unique URL will be generated. You send this url to your friends, and they will be able to download the file(s) from your computer directly.

Below table summarize the difference between all the file sharing options nowadays.
  EFShare Online Storage Space
e.g. DropBox, iCloud
Instant Messaging Application
e.g. GTalk, MSN
No registration required
Use in browser
(No additional software)
Direct transfer
(No upload required)
Free service

Absolutely. All end-to-end transfers are encrypted with 128-bit AES algorithm.

Nobody (even us) is getting your files other than your specified recipients. We only act as a rendezvous for sender and receivers. Files are transfered directly between the two parties without any middle-man involved.

Best. Since the files are transfered directly between two parties, you don't have to upload anything to servers, which at least double the transfering time.

The only pre-requisite is Flash Player version 10 or above.


Yes. Simply send the generated URLs/ code to all your recipients.