What is EFShare?

EFShare is a browser-to-browser file sharing service. If you want to share your files in the simplest and easiest way, you have come to the right place. Nothing fancy, we just do the work right.

The figure below illustrates the difference between the traditional upload-download file sharing process with our browser-to-browser one.

Why Browser-to-Browser file sharing?

  • To have complete control over your own files. If you use online storage services like Skydrive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc., they will own a copy of your files, and your privacy is totally lost. In EFShare, all the transfer is done directly between sender and receiver, and we have no idea what are you transferring at all.
  • To avoid all the hassles of software installation and account registration. Either online storage services like SkyDrive, Dropbox or instant message services like MSN, Skype require registration before you can use their services. Most of them even require you to install software on your machines. In EFShare, you don't need to do any of these. What you need is a single browser, and all the common browsers nowadays are supported.
  • To save money. Most online storage services provide limited amount of free space to host your files, and you are forced to pay for the extra. With EFShare, since all the files are hosted on your local machines, we don't have to charge a single buck for storage space.